Saturday, May 12, 2007

well finaly managed to snag a signal out of a mass of stations
worked him at 1940 local time called him once was told kb station stand by twice and he came back kb9r what and final thrid he got the whole reported 5by 9 but then maybe he was just saying that he was certainly 59 with some noise of other stations trying cut in

My first Voice contact on the band although I owe it to signal report off Nimbusters saying they heard me calling cq on 20m and that I was touch over modualted

thank you whoever that was

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

heard quite an opening on 10 M

tg9anf was prreadable here but I doubt I had a chance with the way the sopot poped op and the station I heard pile up on him was iteresting just to hear hi on 10m at this point in the cycle

not the time I would have expected almost pm local

PS yes I gave it a try but I thik I was seriously our muscled
well i tried I was still impressed for this deep in the bottom of the cycle

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

feild day 2007

tentively pling to try some digtal CW during the day (likely 15m cw) in the evening I plan to try 40m lsb the call will w8cdz of course

the wife is planing on operting some band or other tenitively suggesting to ger maybe 15 phone