Saturday, September 29, 2007

interesting lesson for ...and now from the kosher ham

I had thought my older radio the Ft 847 was badly broken...maybe not

let me back up when I got the amp the ameritron 811 it warned me to ground the amp so I grounded the amp and the radio I had attached the IC-718 to to the grounding rod too

I was amazing at the impovement in the radio's preformance.

well tonight I had a brain storm and set the ft 847 in place of the IC718 and coneted to the Ground rod as I had the IC 718 and

one the ft 847 no longer makes a funny flicker on the loewer bands

two test the radios outut with an external SWR metter I find that the full out put of the 847 matchs that of the ic 718 about 100watt despite the yeasues internal meter says something very different

I wil check out the radio transmistion sound when gav get back from her fathers place (she went to vist and attend a craft show in Elkhorn) so sometime sunday or monday I should know if I was simply mistaken about the condiction of the 847 or not

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

well the latest for the Kosher Ham is...

the adding of the ameritron 811 to the station

haven't had a lot of time with yet but it looks to improve the prefromance here