Sunday, July 13, 2008

a nice day on air

finaly managed to get the conection to my vertical to stay in one piece trhough a set of storm had seris and then fired up with good swr and called cq on 12 15 17 and 40m and someone came back to me loud and clear each time

all in all a nice day on Air and nice till I get the masting fixed on the house (I can start that process

Thursday, April 24, 2008

feild day 2008

with my wife doing the Wisconsin RenFaire this she has thought oof doing FD from there

looking at the rules looks like she and here friend qualify for 1b making em likely kd8ctl 1B WIS

my wife will be oretaing mostly in the evening so I and wants to keep it very simple since it will be the first she wowill have set up wholely on her own

last she set up a staion for 20m but refused to turn it on till I checked it over. this time she is feeling a bit more confindent

since she is not going to be around I am thinking of staying home and operating 1d or 1 e ( i have droped a note to guys at the ARRL checking some thing on the 1 e that I think my grid intertie system allow for 1 e at 500 watts for me