Monday, June 29, 2009

an interesting event

link here

Sunday, June 28, 2009

another feild day has come and gone

was fun

more fun and less effort than in other years

now if the runner of PSK-31 would stop calling cq so some one could answer them things might have been even more fun

Saturday, June 13, 2009

why Id hate reapirs

finaly got the backets in place and lined up to install a new 4X4 mast to reapair the damage done in this inceident dark ness fell befoe before I put up the full new mask to the end of my longest antenna back up to being 44 ft off the ground. on top of the new mast is already in placed with the mast on the ground that second antenna for the kb9rqz reapeater means I hope to have that in operation soon

on Feild day looks for Kd8CTL 2 B MI

planing on operating near here together why not use my wife's call

I expect my wife will operate voice while I like will be running psk 31 and maybe a few other digtal modes

why will my wife operate voice well after a gal on the air get a better response

Saturday, June 06, 2009

my current paterns of operations on twitter

a new first I writing this for a tweetee (or is for tweeter) neither to be confused with my sweetie KD8CTL

bt I have exploring something I know little about (that is why I am exploring it) like mthe tweetie know about as a much about local prop as I do and at hf that is not much

been using PSK-31 a digital mode meaning I use it access the net as I am doing now and watching the "Dead pool" on DVR

first since I am not sure my tweetee in this is famiier witht digital mode and it is educational anyway I will explain briefly the radio needs an interface like this for my ICOM she uses a yeasu and needs either this or other interface nd software of course

I choose my freqs from here

normaly I start on 20 m 14.07 and stay there till I make a contact or 3 then move down toward 30 40 and even 80 meters trying to get a real feel for propagation

On twiiter I can annouce that Iam starting but I don'tsee derect messages till I ht my email I am in fact some place where phones don't go

I guess 40m near sunset would be the chance to reach my tweetee at some point

ps the post has been assiged a short url

Friday, June 05, 2009

well been a bad boy

have not been on the air much since to visit to my inlaws

trying to get back in the habit again

again the goal is to make one or more contacts on 3 seperate band each day